Neje KZ Laser Engraver from Linux and Raspberry Pi

The situation: Old tools won't work

Running prior versions of the NEJE Laser Engraver from Linux used to be easy with EasyGraver and command line tools like nejePrint and others.

However, these tools are now outdated with the model DK-8-KZ because of changed protocols on the side of Neje. See this discussion for more insights. With the old tools the engraver will just remain silent.

Also, the engraver's clumsy but feasible windows software will not work with wine on Linux, even after adjustments to the serial ports.

Neither will the windows software support starting multiple instances, thus driving multiple machines, in any way. So you would need a dedicated PC running windows for each engraver. Don't waste your time with these tools.

NEJE Laser Engravers DK-8-KZ with USB Hub

The solution: A lean, flexible perl/c web interface

I also wanted to use two (or possibly more) laser engravers in parallel for some mass engraving job and also put the machines outside to keep the fumes out of the house.

The only working solution I found is the brilliant solution by

Watch the youtube video, download the software and proceed according to the very good readme.txt. The app works with a simple web interface that can be loaded in any browser across your network and will run on any Raspberry PI config as well.

Now, to run two engravers I just create two web apps, the second one with a slight change in engrave.c:

#define USBPORT "/dev/ttyUSB0"


#define USBPORT "/dev/ttyUSB1"

. compile and create the respective sites in /etc/apache2 with different ports. As usual, lightweight web interfaces on Linux give ultimate flexibility. It may even be possible to get this to run on a windows pc...

Hope it helps.

Posted: 10 July 2021

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