Hippo CMS and PostgreSQL - The Setup

The original instructions on the Hippo site are somewhat outdated. Moreover, the linked blog post is currently down but archive.org still has a copy:


Most of the instructions are still relevant but it's probably unnecessary to install HST 2, so the first step can be skipped.

The instructions starting at “Go to _your-project-dir/cms/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF…” _are still correct, however in the repository.xml the section

now has to be

because of an upgrade. Note the new SecurityManager tag. You otherwise get

As for step three, it's now unnecesary to copy around any jar files.

Simply add a dependency in <cms_root>/cms/pom.xmllike so:

Then run

and enjoy a scalable and flexible backend for your Hippo CMS.

Posted: 18 October 2012

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