Gitosis Installation on OpenSuse

The repo info is here (click and expand that page's silly javascript widgets), so for OpenSuse 11.4 (use sudo for all commands that need it):

zypper addrepo zypper refresh zypper install gitosis

Then continue as outlined here, slightly adjusted for OpenSuse with user creation:

    groupadd git
    useradd git -d /home/git -c 'git version control' -s /bin/sh -g git -r -m
    sudo -H -u git gitosis-init < /tmp/

Then just proceed with

`git clone git@YOUR_SERVER_HOSTNAME:gitosis-admin.git`
`on your local machine etc. etc.`

Henrik: Hi, all sounds easy enough. Did all as prescribed, still I get a pasword-prompt after git clone. Running openSUSE 11.4. Any idea? Best Henrik

Posted: 22 August 2011

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