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Linode Second Outage in Three Days

**Update December 4th  2010: **Linode made it four outages in 121/2 days. Now they’re changing the hardware but this is not an acceptable level of reliability.

Update December 3rd  2010: Linode made it **three outages in 12 days.** Time to look for another hosting company.

Linode's Fremont facility has suffered the second outage in three days. On Sunday all my sites were down for about six hours, the longest outage I have seen in almost fourteen years of hosting usage. And now it's only Tuesday morning in CaliforniaLinode_outage

For now, I can't recommend Linode, at least not their Fremont facility. And I come from years of Windows hosting without issues!?!

Update: The node ended up being down for about three hours.


Certainly outages can happen, but not for these periods of time, and twice in three days.

Otherwise Linode slices are fast, reasonably priced and backed up by excellent support, but the Fremont node appears to be down more frequently than other.