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Developer, panographer. Does consultancy work from own company. Lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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Back to BlogJet as My Blog Editor on Linux

Having tried Bilbo/Blogilo for a while now, I found it to be a fine editor but a bit too intrusive in altering the HTML code I created in code view when I switched back to Bilbo's WYSIWYG view.

So I tried good old BlogJet again and found there's a (free) upgrade to the new version 2.5 (currently, among other goodies making it Unicode compatible and letting you create categories from within the editor (only for Wordpress blogs), still a rare feature outside of Live Writer.

To install it, proceed just like with the prior versions, as outlined here. You have to open the downloaded installer (BlogJetSetup.2.x.x.x.exe) from the file menu in IEs4Linux and proceed. Simply clicking the downloaded installer will give you an installation without necessary HTML components and it won't display any content.