Convert CHM to PDF on Linux (Ubuntu)

The Google search led me down the wrong path, so here is the gist of it:

Install chm2pdf, which is in the repositories starting with Ubuntu 8.04

sudo apt-get install chm2pdf

Get help with

chm2pdf --help

Convert with for example (all three “dashes” are double dashes half eaten by Wordpress):

chm2pdf --continuous --no-links --quiet input_file.chm

The input file name should not contain any special characters or spaces, otherwise you might get all kinds of "File not found" errors, regarding for example urlslist.txt and other files. So rename your input file accordingly.

This process is far easier than working extract_chmLib and htmldoc.

-=/?rashant Gulei@: ye this is very usefull tool sence v r not able to view this CHM file in linux but now by this v can convert it to pdf but if there any process to directly read the CHM file in linux then plz inform me. thankx

Posted: 10 March 2010

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