Forwarding Multiple Messages with Thunderbird - And Not as Attachments

Mozilla Thunderbird does not have a built-in option to right-click and forward multiple messages without sending them as attachments of a single message or sending each message inline after entering the address manually. While this makes sense as it minimizes server resources and web traffic, sometimes it is more convenient for sender to send (bounce) multiple messages to the same recipient in one action, giving the reader single messages in her inbox. Luckily there’s the Mail Redirect Add-on that helps with this task, one of the most useful Thunderbird extensions.

Asa: im finding this impossibe.. an inline forwarding in redirected form.. of messages in your own inbox.. seems as yet.. impossible.. even when your friend is the recipient.. through this the mail redirect add on.. it only ananomyzes a forward. im looking to forward multiple messages of mine.. as they appear in my own inbox.. inline.. in one fell swoop. (click 5x, then send) not attach.. attach.. needless tedium.

Posted: 13 April 2009

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