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Thai-English Dictionary for Linux

The old post has become obsolete and I removed it. Today it's a bit more straightforward and easier to get a English-Thai-English dictionary installed on Linux (and Windows). The original Nectec portal (registration is now required) referenced in the old post is here:


However, it's probably best to install StarDict from a repo manager for your system. Then download the dictionary files from NecTec, unzip and put them into your dic folder (on OpenSuse 11.4 it's is at /usr/share/stardict/dic/) , and off you go. Here is an older lexitron rpm package that installs flawlessly on OpenSuse 11.4 and gives you a small and snappy English-Thai-English dictionary on OpenSuse. I use it more often than the slow and intrusive StarDict.


dirk: @owen: Right-click on the link, copy and insert into your browser address bar. Here's the link again: ftp://ftp.nectec.or.th/linux-distributions/Linux_TLE/archive/patong/pool/main/s/stardict-lexitron/stardict-lexitron_2.4.2-1tle1_all.deb Works in Firefox, not sure about IE.

owen: how to downloads