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You might also get a related error when building your ASP.NET project with a Linq to SQL class:

Build failed due to validation errors in myfile.dbml. Open the file and resolve the issues in the Error List, then try rebuilding the project.

This issue can be resolved by **removing all dots **from the connection string key in web.config, see here, so


   ** **<add name="MyConnectionString" connectionString="blah"/>  

Then the build should succeed. If you then **reset the connection string key **to the one with dots and **it will still build **but you'll get this message

The connection property in the web.config file is missing or incorrect. The connection string from the .dbml file has been used in its place.

upon opening the dbml file and the "dotless" connection string will be added to your web.config.

So Linq to SQL doesn't like the dotted connection string key for some reason.

Ashura: Thanks a lot, it works well !

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Posted: 20 April 2008

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