Generating CHM Documentation for RSpec on Rails

RSpec is the king of the BDD hill when it comes to Rails, and the learning curve is quite steep. For Windows developers hooked on CHM documentation, it's very easy to generate RSpec CHM files by running the command

rdoc -f chm -o chm_folder rspec*

in the


directory of your RoR project where you have installed the RSpec and RSpec on Rails plugins using

ruby script/plugin install
ruby script/plugin install

as described on the RSpec home page.

The resulting CHM is not the prettiest but it's fully searchable and easier to use than sifting through the online rdocs in your browser.

Update December 5, 2008: RSpec is under heavy development, and installation instructions change frequently, so you should always refer to the rspec home page for details.

RSpec and RSpec for Rails are now gems only so to generate the chm file cd to your gems directory (usually C:\ruby\lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems), which you can determine by running

gem env

at the command prompt, and then run

rdoc -f chm -o chm_folder rspec -x helper_spec.rb*

helper_rspec.rb has to be excluded as it causes the rdoc generation to hang. Here's the updated resulting chm file for rspec, raw and unedited.

P.S.: This only works on Windows as it depends on HTML Help Workshop but the chm file can be viewed with other chm viewers. I recommend xCHM for Linux.

Posted: 07 March 2008

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