Windows Live programs can't be installed on this operating system

My Microsoft Annoyance du Jour: Trying to download Live Writer Beta 3 from any computer located in Thailand will bring up a Thai download screen. While I have problem with the Thai page as such I'm not too keen on having the Thai version of the program with all dialogs and help in Thai but this is the only choice:


There is no option to choose another language, and every browser I tested (Opera, IE6, Firefox 1.5) will not let me download the US-English version regardless of browser language settings. I presume this is localization going overboard at Microsoft because there are speakers of many different languages in most countries, including this one. Anyway, here is a download link for the US-English version of Live Writer Beta 3.

Happy having found the link, MS delivers another blow (they're good at that):


I'm running Windows Server 2003 and Windows Live Writer Beta 3 (unlike Beta 2) only supports 32-bit Vista (64-bit hacked, get your hex editor ready to install Live stuff) and XP SP2. Bummer. Microsoft continues the practice of forcing users to upgrade to a newer OS by means of getting users hooked on free MS offerings.
It's now practically impossible to get a MSN Messenger client for Windows 2000 as older clients are denied entry to the service. I know, I know, Win2K is not supported anymore. But this is no justification for forcing users out of a service they're used to and have built contacts on if they don't want to upgrade their OS. Besides that, most Live offerings (especially Messenger) have gone from lightweight and functional to the MS-typical buggy bloat (read some comments), with Liver Writer being the exception. For now I'll be using Beta 2 while looking at ScribeFire and not hold my breath for any Live offering supporting my OS.

Posted: 01 November 2007

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