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Packaging and Deployment of Windows Mobile Applications (VS 2005)

While the basic cab creation is outlined here, this article describes the entire rather involved process of packaging the cab with a windows installer. This procedure takes some practice to master. No fewer than 3 major steps have to be taken outlined in this little cheat sheet:

Step 1. Package the output of your project (project type: Smart Device Cab Project)

* Add project output of your main project (which is usually a smart device app) and create a link to it for the mobile device's programs menu. 
* Set registry values your new project will need to create on the mobile device. 

Step 2. Create a custom installer package (project type: Windows Class Library).

* Put an .ini text file into the custom installer project, put the relevant info into this file and reference the file in the event handlers.

Step 3. Create the setup package (project type: Setup Project).

* Add the cab file from the cab project and the .ini and  the dll created by the custom installer project.
* Add a custom action (right click project, View>Custom Actions) with a reference to the custom installer dll.

There are several software packages that help you with this process. However, some practice will soon make you an expert and arguably give you more control than a prefab software package.