Honda Jazz/Fit Owner's Manual

Having bought a Honda Jazz in Thailand I was looking all over the web for an owner's manual in English (the supplied version is in Thai which is tedious for me to read). Here I finally found it.

Nigel: Just to say thanks - I too have been searching for an owners manual

Helen: Many thanks for this - I have also been searching to not much avail.

andria: thank you very much for your help! i beleive it is rediculous that an english manual for this car is not available! thank you again for your help!

zhang: You become our star now! I also searched this for a while!

daniel: I had the same problem,too. thai reading is not that easy;-) thank you very much!

Johnny: The same, could not find, and your help was very helpful. Thank you

Louis Muller: Dear sir, i have read some of the blogs and thanks . I live in Phuket and have a Honda Jazz and would dearly liker to download all your infomation , but i cannot seem to do that at all...? What do i need to do and how as i am a novice with the computer,,.. Thanking you in advance.....Louis

Janet: Well, I live in Belgium and I just bought a 2009 Honda Jazz. The manual is in French and although my French isn't too bad, I would also like to get one in English. Even the Honda dealer here couldn't advise me how to get one. A Japanese man (connected with Honda) who I met suggested the following link, which works, but it's the manual for the 2007 model. And who wants to print out 262 pages....?? Any other ideas???? Janet

Dave: thank you thank you thank you!!

carl: thanks this seems to be the only source for findind such information.

GEOFFrey: Thank you from the depths of my 'art. I've bin lookin fer this user manual fer chuffin ages! It's been doin me 'ed in, you kno wat i mean cocker?

Posted: 06 March 2007

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