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Power Surge on Hub Port - Disable Alert Message

This message is displayed when a device draws more than the available power from an USB port. The correct fix it to power the device with its own power source, then reset the port. If that's not an option you can disable the message as follows:

  1. Go to the Device Manager
  2. Locate "Universal Serial Bus controllers" in the list and expand.
  3. Select the first USB Universal Host Controller.
  4. Right click and select "Properties"
  5. Go to the "Advanced" tab
  6. Check "Don't tell me about USB errors"
  7. Click "OK" Note. If you have multiple host controllers then they should all be affected by the above action.
  8. Close Device Manager



bipan chauhan: Thanks dear U don't know u have resolved the great problem otherwise I have to replace that motherboard . Thanks once again if u don't mind pls send me computer update or knowlege to my mail ID so that i can learn more

sunil: thanks ....