Windows Live Programs Eschew Windows Server 2003

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Windows Live programs (Live Writer, Live Messenger, Live Mail, Live Toolbar, Live Photo Gallery, Live Sign-in Assistant) cannot be installed on Windows Server 2003 using the default installer (WLInstaller.exe). When you run the installer , the following message pops up:

Sorry, Windows Live programs cannot be installed on Windows Server, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, or Windows operating systems earlier than Windows XP Service Pack 2.




There was a famous workaround for the Beta versions, and something similar will work for the final version:

Step 1:

Install the Windows Live Writer programs on a supported system (XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista). You may need a more recent version of Windows Update Agent which you can acquire following the procedure described here:

Step 2:

After installation grab the MSI files. The default location is

C:\Program Files\Common Files\WindowsLiveInstaller\MsiSources

You can also download the files from the Live Suite SkyDrive folder:

  • Windows Live Sign-In Assistant 4.200.520.1: Install_{AFA4E5FD-ED70-4D92-99D0-162FD56DC986}.msi
  • Windows Live Messenger 8.5.1302.1018: Install_{508CE775-4BA4-4748-82DF-FE28DA9F03B0}.msi
  • Windows Live Writer 12.0.1366.1026: Install_{9176251A-4CC1-4DDB-B343-B487195EB397}.msi
  • Windows Live Mail 12.0.1606.1023: Install_{184E7118-0295-43C4-B72C-1D54AA75AAF7}.msi
  • Windows Live Toolbar 03.01.0000.0146: Install_{D5A145FC-D00C-4F1A-9119-EB4D9D659750}.msi
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery 12.0.1308.1023: Install_{257E440F-781F-459B-9A68-A0872B80C1D6}.msi 

Step 3:

Install the MSI files on your system. For Windows Live Photo Gallery you may have to install the following prerequisites:

You may also have to do a little codec regsvr32 as described here:

regsvr32 “C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Photo Gallery\WLXVAFilt.dll”

Hope it helps.

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